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collector is an R package for conducting interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs) on the risk scenarios facing an organization. It offers functions for the following stages of input collection:


Collector is now available on CRAN.


If you wish to run the development (and potentially bleeding edge) version, you can install directly from GitHub via the following remotes command.

# install.packages("remotes")

Basic Flow

See the package website for reference. The basic flow for preparing for interviews with your SMEs, processing the results, and generating parameters for simulation via evaluator is:

  1. Build questions and define SME expertise

  2. Read in the question set. See read_questions() for more information.

    questions <- read_questions()
  3. Generate materials for interviewing a SME.

    output_dir <- tempdir()
    make_handouts("Leader Name", questions, output_dir)
    make_scorecard("Leader Name", questions, output_dir)
    make_slides("Leader Name", questions, output_dir)
  4. Read in the responses from your SMEs. See read_responses() documentation for more information.

    responses <- read_responses()
  5. Fit the SME answers to distributions.

    scenario_answers_fitted <- fit_scenarios(responses)
    capability_answers_fitted <- fit_capabilities(responses)
  6. Combine distributions into final parameters, applying weighting based on each SMEs level of calibration.

    sme_weightings <- generate_weights(questions, responses)
    scenario_parameters <- left_join(scenario_answers_fitted, sme_weightings, by = "sme") %>% 
    capability_parameters <- left_join(capability_answers_fitted, sme_weightings, by = "sme") %>% 
  7. Build quantitative scenarios for evaluator.

    scenarios <- prepare_data(scenario_parameters, capability_parameters, 
                              threat_parameters, questions)


This project is governed by a Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by these terms.


The MIT License applies.