log history of r5r package development

# r5r v0.7.0 (dev)
Major changes
- From this version onwards, r5r downloads R5 JAR from github, which provides more stable connection than Ipea server. - The number of Monte Carlo draws to perform per time window minute when calculating travel time matrices and when estimating accessibility is now set via the r5r.montecarlo_draws option. Defaults to 5. This would mean 300 draws in a 60 minutes time window, for example. The user may also set a custom value using options(r5r.montecarlo_draws = 10L) (in which you substitute 10L by the value you want to set).
Minor changes
- Changed total_time column name to combined_time in travel_time_matrix() output, to avoid confusion with travel_time column.

r5r v0.6.0

Major changes

Minor changes

# r5r v0.5.0
Major changes - New function accessibility() to calculate access to opportunities. Closes #169
- New function find_snap() to help users identify where in the street network the input of origin and destination points are snapped to. Closes 168.
- New parameter max_bike_dist added to routing and accessibility functions. Closes #174
- Implemented temporary solution for elevation. Closes #171. Now r5r can read Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data from raster files in .tif format to weight the street network for walking and cycling according to the terrain’s slopes. Ideally, we would like to see a solution that accounts for elevation implemented upstream in R5. For now, this is a temporary solution implemented within r5r.
Minor changes - The street_network_to_sf() now has a more clean output when the provided GTFS covers a larger area than the street network pbf. Closes #173
- The size of poa.zip sample GTFS data has been reduced due to CRAN policies. Closes #172.
- Progress counter Implemented. Closes 150. When the verbose parameter is set to FALSE, r5r prints a progress counter and eventual ERROR messages. This comes with a minor penalty for computation performance. Hence we have kept verbose defautls to TRUE.
Bug fixes - Fixed bug that prevented r5r from running without internet connection. Closes #163.

r5r v0.4-0

Major changes - Updated R5 to version 6.2. Closes #158. - Added max_lts parameter to detailed_itineraries() and travel_time_matrix() functions. LTS stands for Level of Traffic Stress, and allows modeling of bicycle comfort in routing analysis. Additional information can be found in Conveyal’s documentation as well as blog posts 1 and 2. Closes #160

Minor changes - new support function check_connection() to check internect connection before download files from Ipea server.

# r5r v0.3-3
Major changes - New vignette to calculate and visualize isochrones. - New vignette to calculate and visualize accessibility. - Significant performance increase in detailed_itineraries() when shortest_path = TRUE. Closes #153. - Paper on the r5r package published on Findings. Closes #108.
Minor changes - travel_time_matrix() and detailed_itineraries() now output more detailed messages in the console, when verbose = TRUE. This shall make debugging the package much easier. - Improved documentation of travel_time_matrix(). Closes #149. - Checks origins/destinations inputs to make sure they have and id column. Closes #154.
Bug fixes - Fixed introductory vignette to list only files that are included in the package installation. Closes #111. - Fixed conflict with {geobr} package when downloading metadata. Closed #137. - Fixed a bug when when parsing date and time from departure_datetime in detailed_itineraries() and travel_time_matrix(). Closes #147. Bug fixes - Fixed a bug in detailed_itineraries() that caused a crash when the shape of a route in the input GTFS is broken. Closes #145

r5r v0.3-2

Minor changes - r5r does not save the medatada file in the package directory anymore, following CRAN’s policies. Closed #136.

r5r v0.3-1

Minor changes - Allow for combination of bicycle and public transport. Closed #135. - Added new parameter mode_egress to routing functions, so that users can explicitly set the transport mode used after egress from public transport (walk, car or bicycle). Closed #63. - Allow for using the r5r package off-line, provided the user has successfully ran setup_r5() before.

r5r v0.3-0

Major changes - Added Conveyal’s R5 repo as a git submodule. This will help improve the long term integration between r5r and R5. Closed #105. - Internal changes to make r5r compatible with R5 latest version 6.0.1.

Minor changes - Added columns with population and number of schools in sample data set of Porto Alegre to allow for accessibility examples. Closed #128. - The percentiles parameter in the travel_time_matrix function now only accepts up to 5 cut points due to changes in R5.

r5r v0.2-1

Minor changes * Expanded number of routes in the sample GTFS for Porto Alegre, allowing for more complex/realistic examples. * Fixes format of columns of the output of travel_matrix_function when the user sets time_window parameter. Closes #127. * Remove repeated bus route alternatives from the output from detailed_itineraries * Explicitly link destination points to street network before starting. Closes #121

r5r v0.2-0

Major changes

Minor changes * Added a sample of frequency-based GTFS for Sao Paulo. Closed #116 * Improved documentation of routing functions adding more info on the routing algorithms used in R5. Closes #114

r5r v0.1-1

Minor changes * Fixed issues with time zone when setting departure times * Fixed issues to address CRAN checks * Now r5r can be installed on R (>= 3.6) * Appropriate hyperlinks indocumentation * Metadata is now downloaded from https:// server

r5r v0.1-0